Villa Mirador de Mayabe, Alturas de Mayabe, Holguin
A suitable holiday motel with a real cuban ambience on Loma de Mayabe
Villa Mirador de Mayabe Desk

Hotel Villa Mirador de Mayabe

Villa Mirador de Mayabe is a rated 3 star motel located beside the highway, which can be called a roadside hotel. This motel is high up on the Loma de Mayabe, range of hills 8 km outside of Holguin City in the Oriente of Cuba and considered one of the most beautiful Cuban landscapes.

Villa Mirador de Mayabe Lobby

This delightful villa surrounded by Cuban flowering plants is strategically located to give you a fantastic Mirador de Mayabe.

From here, you can see mile upon mile of fertile plains, which impart a great sense of tranquility, including vast mango plantations, especially good from the pool.

Villa Mirador de Mayabe Pool Area

Friendly service and pleasing decorations give the Villa Mirador de Mayabe Motel a truly Cuban ambience. Also it offers a wide range of options that make nice and pleasant the visitor's stay

Villa Mirador de Mayabe Bar El Burro

The Mirador de Mayabe’s claim to fame is a beer-drinking donkey named Pancho, who hang out near the bar.

Villa Mirador de Mayabe Villas

Villa Mirador de Mayabe is a suitable Holiday/Vacation motel. It’s the perfect place for Culture and Arts Aficionados.

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